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      Submersible Pumps, Submersible Pumps Turkey, Turkish Submersible Pumps , Submersible Pumps Turkish Companies in Turkey

On the basis of the belief that in order for important advances numerous small steps need to be taken, our firm lent impetus to its operations which started in 1983 with the centrifugal pump with the introduction of the vertical shaft pump in 1986. We started the production of submersible pump in 1995, and sleeve tube in 2004. As of 2008, our firm has strengthened its technical infrastructure and started the production of completely stainless submersible pump. Its operations which started within the boundaries of the Nevsehir Province in a 15 m² space continue in the Nevsehir Special Organized Industrial Zone, in an area of 12,000 m² as of 2008. Our firm takes the Six Sigma philosophy as a guiding principle, which is considered to be the latest stage that Total Quality Control has reached in the world, and continues its endeavors with perfect product, quality, and fast service in mind. It has ramped up its R&D and is producing the pumps of today and the future. Having foresight, producing practical solutions, valuing humans and the environment, our firm emphasizes security and assurance; it provides services with products with ISO 9001:2008, OHAS 18001:2007, TSE, SERVICE COMPETENCE, BRAND REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE.
We are at your service with 300.000 kinds of products with the following main product groups. Spare parts for machine tools Industrial Professional Kitchen Mechanical Seal Pump Groups Bearing Groups Valve Groups Hydraulic and Pneumatic Control Equipments
you're in correct address for rotary drilling in african soil. we are 35 years experienced drilling rig company. especially we are expert in sudan, ethiopia, somalia, kuwait, qatar, algeria, tunisia, nigeria. we are a family company. 4 brothers are working in every stage of manufacturing. so that we produce high quality rigs and we have happy customers. especially warranty; you will have one year warranty. in the beginning if you decided to buy any rig from us when it finishes one of our brothers come to your country and tests the machine in front of you and gives training to your workers for 7-10 days. also after buying a machine in one year if you have a problem with the rig in couple of days we come to your country and fix the problem. you cannot find this service in any other company that built drilling rig. now for 4 years the service station is in sudan for faster service in every country in africa. we are looking forward to have you here in our factory.
Our work started in 2005 with the dealership of national companies and distributorship of foreign companies and continues with thousands of pumps, water boosters and fire group pumps at Kurtkoy facility. TEKNOPOMP brand pumps, hydrophores and fire group pumps are preferred and used in many domestic and international projects. The usage areas of pumps produced within the company; Housing-Social facilities Heat and power plants Industrial plants Agricultural irrigation Sewage systems Treatment plants Fire extinguishing systems General water demands. Pump types and models produced in the Company portfolio are as follows; Single Stage Snail Norm Pumps (TNP Series Pumps) Multistage Vertical Pumps (MNV Series Pumps) Single-stage Snail Monobloc Pumps (TNM Series Pumps) Fire pumps (AUE, AUED Series Fire Group Pumps) In-Line (Line type) Circulation Pumps (TNL Series Pumps) Hydrophore Systems (Booster Systems Produced From MNV Series Pumps)
Established in 1992. Emse Sealing Pump Machinery Co., Ltd is one of largets pump and seals manufacturer in Turkey. Head Office and factory is located in Istanbul and sales branches are located in Tekirdag and Izmir. The Company has also a large service web in all territories of Turkey The company has computer aided design and manufacturing technologies to offer best quality and rigorous quality control which is helpfull to improve production quality. The company implements ISO 9001 quality mangement system Emse Pump products involve, gear pumps, anti-corrosive centrifugal pumps, diaphragm pumps, lobe pumps, screw pumps,oil and water ring vacuum pumps, die-pressed stainless steel centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, Emse Sealing products involve, mechanical seals, stuffing box seals, cartridge seals, rotary heads, gaskets, spiral wound gaskets, non- asbestos gasket sheets.
Having a sector experiences more than 25 years, INTER MOTOR SANAYI VE TIC. LTD. STI. is a strong supply center about electric motors and redactors. It has a stock accumulation to deliver any kind of product from its storages immediately. It is assertive to conclude the best one with fastest and minimum cost about appropriate motor selection, technical support, quality, price, swift delivery and post-sale services. Inter Motor has a mission to decrease energy loses in industry and service sector and designs Inter motor electric motors in parallel with this purpose. Our show room and retail shop in Gida Bazar in Yenisehir, our warehouse, marketing department, spare part and post-sale service near the road of Kemalpasa and Ankara has been focused to conclude the works and transactions in a fastest way. Our company, having most experienced team in the sector about electric motors, reductors (gear box) and water pumps, has reached the expertise to understand its customers and to create a solution with the accumulation of knowledge for years. It can provide a very wide supply about products and meet the possible requirements immediately. It takes cognizance of conformity with world standard and proficiency of certificates related to all its products. It has been aiming to provide the most qualified products into the markets with the most appropriate prices, considering the principal of customer satisfaction.
We have been designing and producing various models of pumps to be used in different fields of industry. Experienced in product selection and production, our staff renders the services which meet the requirements of the industrial enterprises with after sales support and services which maintain our long term business relationships. Since various fluids used in many sectors present different properties such as durability, viscosity, radiance, temperature, pressure, grains, contamination, abrasion, we have designed customized pumps according to each fluid/viscose type and developed and diversified our product range in line with your requests and requirements. We produce Diaphragm Pumps, Hot Oil Pumps, Gear Pumps, Twin Screw Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Vortex Pumps. The pumps we produce with our long years of experience are used in food, textile, paint, cleaning, energy, chemistry sectors. Our company is a pioneer in the production of diaphragm transfer pumps with VESTAPOMP brand. VESTAPOMP products are used in European Union and Middle East countries and CIS countries, and the number of countries that choose us is also increasing year by year. Whereas, this is our quality certificate and one of the most significant factors which also makes us strong, reliable and energetic in the sector. You may consult us regarding your new pump purchases in order to contribute your company’s production quality or request our assistance and support in providing maintenance and increasing efficiency of your pumps. In order for you to safely transfer your fluids through high quality pumps, we are always by your side with our competent and experienced staff. Our aim is to provide quality products and services to our customers.